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Hello Fillion Fans!

I feel like making icons - but i don't really know what to iconize.
Basically I just wanna play around and have some fun.
So if you are interested in having some icons done....

All I need is:
a link to MQ/HQ Pictures
your preferences (clean, experimental, text...)
some time to make them

post everything here @ candiicon 

I'd love to see more Nathan icons - and honestly I need one myself!

I hope this post is okay.


Nathan on Good Morning America

Nathan was on "Good Morning, America" this morning promoting "Castle". He's coming up in the world, because they actually had him in the interview chair this time. :D

A video of his appearance can be found here. Unfortunately, it's most likely US viewing only. :(

Oh, yeah. Beware spoilers if you haven't seen any previews of "Castle".
Nathan in black

Outer Limits

Someone posted this at castle_tv and I thought it'd be worth passing on...

Nathan's episode of Outer Limits is being shown on Hulu! This link goes to the embedded video at IMDB, and is, unfortunately, US viewing only. :( Still, for those who've not seen it, it's worth a look.

ETA: Well, isn't my face red? I gave everyone the wrong link! *facepalm* That's what I get for not checking it after posting. So sorry! Here's the correct one! (I've deleted the wrong one.)
carl by cassandrah

Nathan Fillion autographed photo auction for Haiti

The PEACE FUND, created by Adrian Paul (Highlander) to Protect, Educate, and Aid Children Everywhere, needs your help in helping Haiti. We have a number of one-of-a-kind photos taken over the years by British journalist John Mosby featuring popular genre stars like Nathan Fillion, David Wenham, Kevin Sorbo, and Anthony Head (with more being added all the time). The actors have autographed their photos with their signatures and the Highlander motto of "There Can Be Only One." These and other items are up for auction now at and you can check us out on the web at Thank you for your time, your consideration, and your interest in helping those who so desperately need it!

Please spread the word about this in your personal journals and anywhere Nathan fans (and fans of the other celebrities) might gather. Thank you! And notice the cute way he signed it. "There can be only one . . . me." Typical! :)

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Anyone here watch the tv show "Movie Mob" on the Reelz Channel? Theres this couple on there that call themselves the Film Badgers and they love Nathan! They've mentioned him quite a few times on the show

Glee:Niff - Warbler Practice

SAVE CASTLE - Please Vote!

Saw this article on castle_tv.

USA Today has an annual Save Our Shows survey. It's a list of shows in danger of cancelation, and you choose which ones should be saved or dropped.

There are a lot of other shows you might be interested in defending as well, so check it out and vote! There's also a text-box where you can expound on your desire to save the shows. It might help to add a litttle blurble about Castle and why you want to save it.

PLEASE spread the word! Castle's been slipping in the ratings, and we do not want it canceled.

This is a banner I made. Feel free to use it to spread the word!

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